1. Do you make your own kits?

We are not a manufacturer. We use a manufacturer we consider has meet stringent criteria for product development, quality, service and reliability.

2. Are kits in the Shop section available for immediate delivery?

No, we only make-to-order using our Pre-Order system. Pre-Orders are open for a short period only.

3. How long will my order take to deliver?

Manufacturing will take on average 5 to 6 weeks but we are working all the time to reduce this lead time. Once you order is received at our Melbourne office, it will be despatched to you just as soon as possible after that.

4. Do you provide any accessories with your designs?

Yes each kit design comes with a vest and arm warmers if you want to complement your bib knicks and short sleeve jersey with optional accessories.

5. You have a number of designs on this site. Are they all for sale?

No only those in the SHOP section are available for purchase by Pre-Order. Kit designs in the WORK section are examples of our custom design work.

6. Why does it take time to receive one of your kits?

Well we are designers and we love the whole design process and the finished result. But we are not manufacturers and we do not carry stock. So it will take some time for delivery but you can be sure of receiving a unique and custom made product, made to exacting standards.

8. Do you have women specific patterns?

We are deeply committed to providing women cyclists with a dedicated product selection. The designs available for purchase by Pre-Order are available in men and women’s specific patterns and products. Note: Vests and Arm Warmers however are of a Unisex style.